HKUST Arts Festival 2018 - The Art and Culture Along the Silk Road


Almost 40 years ago, the first documentary series about the Silk Road was released by NHK and was an immediate success. It opened up China to the world and astonished visitors with the beautiful sceneries and multitude of goods, cultures and religions exchanged on this network of trade routes. The Center for the Arts is presenting The Art and Culture Along the Silk Road in AF2018 with a grand exhibition and a series of talks to refresh our memory of the once vigorous art and cultural scene to the west of Chang’an (Xi’an).

Italian journalist Gabriella Bonino will give a contemporary account of her journeys along the Silk Road, comparing it with those made by her compatriot Marco Polo over seven centuries ago. The local writer Cheung Shin Yee will enlighten us with the history of the development of the Maritime Silk Road by the great explorer Zheng He. Writer and reporter Mishi Saran will share with us her experience of exploring Central Asia beyond the “Western Regions” in her journeys in which she traced Xuanzang’s path all the way to India. Finally, art historian Yuka Kadoi will talk about the artistic interaction between China and Iran under the Mongols and how it led to a new style of Islamic art.

The NHK documentary series enchanted its audience with not only striking sceneries, but also heavenly music composed by Kitaro. We are glad that the University Philharmonic Orchestra will perform for AF2018 Music from the World, with a new arrangement of Kitaro’s Caravansary by their conductor Dr Ken Cheng.

Stayed tuned, more will come in April…

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